Chubby's at 1231 W 38th Ave, Denver, CO. is the only true original, which Stella Cordova founded and has been open since 1967. Stella bought this business for ,500 dollars, when it was strictly serving Burgers. Stella worked hard to make sure Chubbys was the community's favorite. We are The Original - Many have tried to replicate us, but there are none like us. We are not affiliated with any other Chubby's in the area, so if you want the best, you need to come to the ONLY - The Original Chubby's Burger Drive-inn!!!!

Today, Chubby’s serves authentic Mexican cuisine, great burgers, our famous smothered fries and more. Even though Stella has since passed away, her legacy and same great food will NOT!

The Original Chubby's Denver


Francisca W.

We love Chubbys. I have been going there since high school. My fave is the smothered beef and bean burrito deluxe with hot green chili. We love the green chili fries. And Tostada. Thanks Chubbys we miss you very much!

Matt C.

Great food. Never disappoints. I love their smothered bean burrito. It's usually busy but always worth the wait.

Colorado Springs, CO

Food is great but the old people at the counter are so rude .. calling in the order ahead of time is useless since they won't start making your order till you get Thier and let them know your There .. parking is horrible other than that food is delicious so I guess sometimes it's worth it

Nichole M.

My daughters and I were in Denver for a softball tournament and we had the chance to try a few places.

This place was busy and kind of confusing. There are people everywhere, some were in line waiting to order, some were waiting for their online order, some were waiting for their food.

I ordered a taco and the chili cheese fries. The chili is good. It definitely has a little heat to it. But for me, it kind of drowns the fries. They are shoestring fries so my first few bites I was excited because it was pretty damn tasty...then I was over it pretty quickly. Good...but I couldn't finish all of it.

The parking lot is also very busy. So plan accordingly.

Orquidea A.

I see a lot of reviews that are complaining about the wait and the customer service.. well I'm super big on the customer service portion nevertheless, I make an exception when it comes to Chubby's. This a family ran business and their Colorado Green Chile is like no other . If you don't know that the wait is worth it; don't go, if the customer service bothers you; don't go, but I guarantee you will not be disappointed if you try it. Everything is part of the experience when you come to Chubby's . It's part of Denver North History.

Jess P.

I've been coming here for for over 20 years I still order the same thing chili cheese fries and horchata and the service is always fast and the food is always good. It's a neighborhood staple. during the day it's like a dinner in a sitcom, the neighborhood regulars come in young and old they know each other and the staff they chit chat, shoot the sh!t. I love this place makes it feel like my same ol neighborhood. Because of Covid there is not a lot to eat late night anymore but these guys are still open late but the late night crowed comes and it's lots different feel from the day crowed, it can get a little nutty to say the least. The employees unfortunately have to put up with a lot sometimes.

Ana C.

The food has not tasted the same for years now. The main reason for the rating is the way they treat customers and cooks. They have a sign that they will not tolerate rude customers yet the energy they give first is rude. They belittle the customers and the way they even speak to the cooks in awful! I cannot support a restaurant that will not only be rude to the customers but also to their staff. Maybe they should see how they are towards their customers before placing signed that rude customers will be removed. I understand the area of the location is tough but it is all how the leaders establish the energy. You receive what you give.

Claire B.

I was genuinely worried about what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to try Chubby's for the first time. But I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the food!

First thing's first: they're super serious about COVID which is great but just be aware they won't let you go into the restaurant with another person at the same time (I had to wait outside while my boyfriend went inside) and they only allow 5 people inside at one time.

For food, we got the smothered fries - which were honestly very tasty - and the special steak burrito which is basically all steak and a little bit of cheese + chile - no rice, beans or filling. Crazy how much meat was in there!

Not the best quality food but it was tasty for sure!

We probably won't go out of our way to come here again, but if we're in the area, we'd go back!

Carlos H.

I just tried looking to see if I can comment on all the bad reviews. I don't think you can. So, hopefully all those awful reviewers log back on and see this review. This is Chubbys. The Original Chubbys. The Northside. The Hood. North Denver. When some talks about North Denver, they talk about Chubbys. It's a place to get some chili cheese fries, handheld Mexican hamburger & an ice cold Pepsi. This place use to be tiny. No seats, no waiting area, just a tiny little hole with employees screaming "NUMBER 18". Now it's remodeled and brand new. You spoiled little brats should order, sit your little behinds down and enjoy a whole lotta NS taste. The people are rude. They always have been. That's how it is. The ruder, the better the food. Lol SO PLEASE, go back to California, or Seattle or wherever the hell you came from. CO will be so happy to have you people gone and the house market can go down.

Casey D.

My Eyes Are Open

Dang, Chubby's is goooooood!!! I never even knew about it until recently. My friend recently pulled me out from under the rock I had been living under and took me here for some tasty Mexican food. Ohhh....I was not disappointed. Everything is wonderful, but I am particularly fond of the refried beans. I usually take an order to go, because I am a total pig.

My buddy also told me about the history behind this unique place. It grew from a tiny 4-plex building to multiple restaurant locations around Denver.

Enjoy your meal!!

Mayra M.

The chilly cheese fries with chicharrón are the best. I always get that and it always tastes amazing!

Amanda N.

During this pandemic, they are extremely strict with social distancing guidelines and are up-to-date with the latest safety precautions. They will NOT allow more than 5 people in the restaurant and if there is even one extra person, they will ask them to leave and stand outside. When I went, the service was incredibly fast even though I had to wait outside for about 10 minutes.

I have been coming to this Chubby's since high school and am still coming even after graduating from university! Recently the quality of the green chile has been different from previous years which is super unfortunate because the green chile is the best here. No matter what, always get smothered fries. The food is good and you can't ask for a more Denver atmosphere than the one you'll find at Chubby's on 38th.

John L.

This place is always so dang busy! There's just something about there food that keeps me coming back. There only getting 4 stars because I agree with a lot of the other people they do not treat people all that well here I have had a employee be Way rude to me in the past and they often times will mess up your order. I would assume it's because they literally seem to be packed at all times and one person taking all of these orders of course there will be misunderstandings.

Stacey P.

I absolutely love this place and it's a Denver staple and has been for YEARS. If you're from Denver then you've been to Chubby's. The staff is friendly and welcoming and the food is great! Be prepared to wait in line for your meal as this place is always busy. There is a parking lot but it's small so there are times you may need to park down the street and walk but it's no big deal. I'd recommend their Beef & Bean Burrito Special and their Chili Cheese Fries. They've added more to their menu and everything is pretty darn good. One tip of advice: Always check your bag before you leave to make sure the order is right. A+ For sure!

Tyler D.

This place is awesome! For starters it is open and popping until 2am, so there is always time to get grub. Also, you can choose if you want to eat in or just get on out of there! You go in and order at a line and then they call your name, like fast food. Only thing is, this place is nothing like a fast food joint, the quality here surpasses any fast food place all day. The prices, however, are fast food prices! At Chubby's you get super cheap, super good food, super quickly. Awesome, awesome spot.